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Registration of Companies

Registration of Companies, Associations and Foundations in Bulgaria

Are you a foreigner, willing to start your own business in Bulgaria and in need of legal assistance from a competent lawyer?

Want to know what your opportunities for development in Bulgaria are?

Need tax advice?

Do you want qualified legal assistance in preparing a document?

Do you need assistance with the Commercial Register?

Want to cut your costs?

 You are in the right place!

Our law firm offers services in company registration, registration of changes and circumstances, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies, as well as drafting contracts, opinions, complaints, legal advice, legal representation.

It also performs:

• Registration of ET;

• Registration of EOOD;

• Registration of OOD;

• Registration of AD;

• General partnership;

• Limited partnership;

• Limited Liability Company;

• Liquidation, bankruptcy and recovery plan;

• Registration of changes in the circumstances of the companies in the Commercial Register;

• Associations;

• Foundations;

• Registration of a Commercial Representation with the BULGARIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Entry of changes.

• Changes and deletion of legal entities;

• Preparation of contracts, opinions, complaints, legal advice;

• Drafting agreements;

• Relations between the partners and the management of the company;

• Legal representation and mediation in defense of the legal interests of the partners and members of the management bodies;

• consulting on the capital structure, shares / units in the corporation, consortia, holding structures, etc .;

• Other registrations, depending on the specificity of your activity.

• Legal advice on all types of commercial transactions regulated by the Commercial Act and preparation of the necessary documentation.

Our job is entirely at the service of your business or specific business.

We guarantee the confidentiality of personal and business information, quality and fastservice at the lowest prices possible, and provide regular subscription services for our regular customers.

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